Four Days And Three Nights At Sea

I spent four days in the ocean
And three nights out to sea.
I was prepared for endless motion
But found un-calm serenity.

On the first two friends found me
And bade myself to journey with them.
So, full-heartedly, I did agree
To have a little fun and swim.

The friendliest built for speed
And loved to compete
Down in the dense seaweed;
Sand to ball, as fins to feet.

The other a beautifully colored fish,
One of which I am proud to have known.
Full of spirit and tender wish,
This fish had a spark all its own.

My friends taught me many a’ thing
On this day that we spent in watery.
The colorful fish taught me to sing,
and the other taught myself to be me.

At the day’s end, I returned to my boat
And bade my friends a sweet night.
There I thought of my situation, much like a dolt.
I failed to notice what was plain to sight.

I laid there reminiscing, under starlight sky,
Of all the things that happen that day.
But, for reasons I could not fathom why,
I could not put thoughts of the colorful fish away.

Come mornings light, I dove back into watery seat
To see if I could find my friends at bay.
Upon reaching them, there were more friends to meet.
One of with which my attention would be stolen away.

I spent the day trying to attain the acceptance
Of a most captivating mermaid with two faces.
It was with heavy heart and strong reluctance
That my first of friends found herself in distant places.

It was the second night upon the waves
That I found my mind wandering of two faces.
Though these faces fooled many knaves
They only dulled my senses, and sent judgement to other places.

Still I could not find myself to completely forget
The wonderful colors of my fishy first friend.
And, as word got around, there was a liking beget
Towards me that she held but could not send.

The third day began with a loss and a division.
A strong support of my boat fell to the ocean
And the paired sails lost their unison.
So, ever more did I need life’s pain to lessen.

The mermaid proved to be a most gracious escape.
In her domicile did I find relief from my pain.
Though only friendship was to be our binding tape
It did suffice to make my heart, her way, wain.

My sweet fish, though full of spirit she was,
Could not find herself to come around me.
Denied and ignored, I understand because
I know that is for, the heart’s safety, had to be.

My mind was poisoned by safety
And clouded by the faces of the temporal savior.
Thoughts of my mermaid were altogether hefty,
But my amazing fish swam in my mind, time devour.

Even I, the one use to holding his breathe,
Needs to come up for some truthful air.
Soon I realized that my heart decided to bequeath
Itself without, without my desire, to reddish-brown hair.

So as the moon to dust
I arose from drunken stupor.
Finally, my maid for all she must.
Suddenly, I could see my fish for the super.

This night, the sky was clouded
By clouds of obvious disappointment.
The kind leave one’s feelings shrouded
In a midst of anger and resentment.

I found an anger in my absent mind,
Resentment in my drugged love-lust,
And finally disappointment with the whole bind.
Without a doubt, my fish felt all this plus.

So quick, came and went, my last day.
I found my fish, seemingly farther at bay.
No matter how many times, I never knew what to say.
The look in her eyes, as I had gave it all away.

Now, being my first night off the sea,
I am left wondering what could be.
Or am I overly late, no time left for me,
For I was too late for all to see.

by Robert L. Bixler III

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