Four Faces Of Kal

Kal-el was born on the world Krypton:
His Dad was Jor-el; his Mum Lara.
Their globe exploded and Kal was sent
to the Earth: the 3rd rock from the sun;
And to new parents: Jon and Martha.

Kal-el became Clark Kent, who got a job at the Daily Planet;
Of all the news that was news, Lois and Clark were the reporters.
A unique idea was aroused in his mind by the Internet:
Infinitely tiny pulses of energy fill all space-time
and unite to form objects, as if on the screens of computer.
(Computer pulses first form BITs; holograms form from cosmic pulses.)

Utilizing cosmic pulses, Clark performed super deeds.
Look! Is it a bird ... is it a plane ... no, it's Superman!
Faster than speeding bullets, in his bare hands he bends steel;
His abilities are far beyond those of mortal man.

Energy pulses comprise not just space but also time --
Intrigued by this, Kal-el left for the plains of ancient Greece;
Where they called him Hercules, performer of super deeds;
And where his insights into the coming millennia
made him a god, and bestowed upon him a super mind.

by Rodney Bartlett

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