Four Friendly Froggies!

Four friendly froggies were learning computing!
Yet they were so humble and not high faluting!
They were never despondent, but glad as could be!
Their PCs weren't cluttered so they felt so free!
Defragmentation? They laughed at the thought!
But three months went quickly and then they were caught!
Their PCs turned grumpy! They crashed every day!
They wouldn't behave and they wouldn't obey!
So in came the experts, the techies, the geeks!
They oiled the main drives and got rid of squeaks!
They fiddled with software and fixed every one!
They looked like they'd finished but they'd just begun!
'Cos then they got soppy and tweaked them some more!
They took out each floppy then nailed shut each door!
They souped up the innards and graphics and sounds!
Then ever so greedy, said, 'NINE HUNDRED POUNDS! '
The froggies soon told them in choice words to go!
The techies repented, reducing the dough!
One hundred pounds later, the techies went home...
And four friendly froggies then emailed this poem!

by Denis Martindale

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