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Four Hands
(12/11/60 / Danbury, CT USA)

Four Hands

When I was just a thought in someone's mind
did that someone know
just what it meant?

Perhaps they join, for pleasure they might find
but they join- dis-join
her seed already sent

They I arrived all wet and softly crying,
they introduce me to this world
forever stretching

Their four hands which pass me, still denying,
their two mouths never usher out
A blessing

I'm okay now
Though my strong bones did break
send me out to walk cold roads for miles

Sure, "lovingly" and all for learning's sake
I'll rise and fall to know
those "deeper smiles".

Now I know
where the fire burns and I will not go
their four hands will not reap
from me what they did sow.

© Reneé Marie

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Write comment. A nice poem, Renee. Read my poem, Love and Iust. Thanks