Four Hurlers From Duhallow

Four hurlers from Duhallow in the red jersey of Cork against Ireland's best do compete
Three from Kanturk and one from Millstreet
In all Counties of Ireland they are famed far and wide
Far beyond the borders of Duhallow's green countryside

All Star Goalkeeper Anthony Nash and dual Intercounty player Aidan Walsh and Lorcan McLoughlin three of Kanturk's own
Because of them Kanturk as a place of great hurlers has become widely known
And center half back Mark Ellis of Millstreet with distinction the red of Cork wear
From a club that has produced many a great Gaelic football player

Four Cork senior hurlers from Duhallow of applause this deserves an encore
As this is something that has never happened before
From a barony of great Gaelic footballers where good hurlers used to be rare
With honor and pride the rebel red they do wear

In sporting circles in Ireland four hurlers from Duhallow held in high esteem
Anything is possible in life it does seem
To these four great young hurlers congratulations is due
In life what has not seemed possible is sometimes known to come true

That they are four great hurling ambassadors for Duhallow of them cannot be denied
They do wear the famed red jersey of Cork with pride
In hurling they compete against Ireland's best
And have yet to be found wanting when put to the test.

by Francis Duggan

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