There Is Only One Story

There is only one story:
he loved her,
then stopped loving her,
while she did not
stop loving him.

There is only one story:
she loved him,
then stopped loving him,
while he did not
stop loving her.

The truth is simple:
you do not die
from love.

You only wish
you did.

by Erica Jong

Comments (4)

Absolutely charming - reading it just makes me feel relaxed! Cheers, Patrick PS I always see the foxglove as 2 faced, it has a beauty and a dark side.
Dear Sylvia, In the language of flowers, this poem is definately a winner! Love, Sandra
A lovely poem Sylvia, it's nice to see a poem about flowers so very well written. It was a joy to read, I am giving a 10 for this as it justly deserves it. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
Dear Sylvia, poetry in full bloom and leafs of change to move the soul.Beautiful.Love Duncan