Four Just Flowers

My name is Primrose, I live in the east,
I am most hardy, as to say the least.
My nature is sweet, tender and mellow,
and my petals are a brightly coloured yellow.
I bloom in the spring, when the air is new,
I sparkle like gold dust, on the morning dew.

Cowslip is my name, I am the wild one.
However did I get this name, was it something I done!
The fields and hedgerow, is my humble abode,
but I sometimes hang out at the side of the road.
I like to show my colours, when I bloom at dawn.
In the birth of early spring, when new buds are born.

Bluebell pretty bluebell, I am now on parade
blooming to perfection in woodland and glade.
I love the woods, and it's warm soft breeze,
blowing gently through, the tall green trees
I am rather wild, so please keep your distance
one of the just four and very resistant.

Digitalis is my name, the tall foxglove,
when you take a look at me, you may fall in love
I am the centre of attraction, to the busy pollen bee
I give him security, Although I am wild and free
I am the ruler of the countryside, I own a large domain
and I also help the sick, to cure them from pain

You have now met us all, The Four Just Flowers.
Some of us are pretty and some of us have powers
You may call us commoners of the countryside,
but we are really are justified, and hold a lot of pride.
We like to look good when it's our turn to bloom,
so don't make our live's all doom and gloom

by sylvia spencer

Comments (4)

Absolutely charming - reading it just makes me feel relaxed! Cheers, Patrick PS I always see the foxglove as 2 faced, it has a beauty and a dark side.
Dear Sylvia, In the language of flowers, this poem is definately a winner! Love, Sandra
A lovely poem Sylvia, it's nice to see a poem about flowers so very well written. It was a joy to read, I am giving a 10 for this as it justly deserves it. Loved it. Love Ernestine XXX
Dear Sylvia, poetry in full bloom and leafs of change to move the soul.Beautiful.Love Duncan