Four More Years

Four more years four more years their chants grew to a roar
Four more years four more years he will be theirs for four
The one who promised to democratize the World but instead gives death and tears
Will carry on with his tragic wars for four more tragic years.

In eighteen months in Iraq one hundred thousand people dead
And thousands of Iraqi people maimed for life that's what his war on terror to has led
In four more years of his warring ways a half a million will have died
And many thousands with limbs missing and more Cities destroyed.

Four more years four more years his supporters chanted loud
And he with a big grin on his face waved to the cheering crowd
But of his first term of waging war on Terrorism he ought not to feel proud
Since war on terror energizes terrorists by violence against them they are not cowed.

Four more years four more years in unison they say
Without one thought for the suffering their hero caused in a Country far away
Suffering of people who never did them any harm yet four more years they sing
Suppose in 'The Land Of The Blind The One Eyed Man Is King'.

Four more years four more years their dreams for them have come true
Their President has four more years for to do what best he do
For to cause more suffering, death and tears though revenge is mine his God do say
Still the villian of the future can be the hero of today.

by Francis Duggan

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