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Four Seasons Of Life

Winter, spring, summer and fall,
Cut the grass and you shovel snow,
The four seasons of life,
In what direction will you go?

The valley so low,
The mountain too high,
No matter what you do,
Or how you live and why.

Starting everyday with God,
The Master of your life,
Through his only begotten Son,
Our eternal Jesus Christ.

Number of the years is different,
Yet the seasons remain unchanged,
Character grows, as you get older,
The Holy Spirit is still the same.

What needs to change is you,
Like the moon gives way to the sun,
Peacefully as a beautiful day will do,
Not just dimly lit on only one.

Shinning brightly for miles on in,
Bringing happiness to all who see,
Like the four seasons of weather,
There’s more to life than me.

Share my brothers and sisters,
To others help ease their pain,
While you may never need an umbrella,
Many experience only nothing but rain.

If heaven bestowed a gift upon you,
With others you must share,
For no matter what it is in life,
Remember, you didn’t put it there.

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