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Four Seasons Of The Year
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Four Seasons Of The Year

Breezes are blowing,
leaves are falling,
a chill is in the air.
Winter is coming,
farmers harvesting,
green foliage is rare.

Snow gently descending,
children playfully sledding,
many a frosted roof.
Badgers burrowing,
squirrels scurrying,
bears are keeping aloof.

Spring is arriving,
birds once again flying,
young deer scamper around.
Rain softly pattering,
streams slowly trickling,
colorful flowers abound.

Boats a-sailing,
people swimming,
summer is finally here.
Berries a-ripening,
everyone gathering,
off to another year!

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Comments (7)

I just wanted to comment the poem.
Miranda, A really interest poem. I fully enjoyed every line.
I liked this poem, but I think the parenthetical in unnecessary. Some good images, it took me all round the year.
I like the way you start with autumn rather than spring. A pleasantly evocative poem.
this has quite a pleasing ring, Miranda!
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