Four Steps Back

He was four steps back
From fitting his face
Hidden thoughts
Showing no trace
Of feelings buried
And plans disguised
Four steps back
I never realised

With Cheshire grin
And indifferent sighs
To quick to care
Armed with lies
Always on hold
But never there
Not to busy,
just to cold to care

It is an art they say
To deceive and lie
Walk on others
Until you die
What comes after?
when days waste away
the cynical laughter
of your deceptive day

Treasures broken
Bought and sold
Behind your eyes
Stories untold
When passing by
On the other side
No time to care
Just time to hide

Top of your profession
No memory left
For the pages
Of your CV
Your aims achieved
You climbed the tree
Four steps back
Death waits for thee

Four steps back
They follow you
Dressed in black
Silent and unknown
Four steps back
Behind your face
Four steps back
You left no trace.

A.R. Wait

Dedicated to Lip service.

by Adrian Wait

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