Four Taoist Poems


Scattered rocks lie
beneath the moss-covered boulder.
They are Tai Chi students
resting in the shade of their master.
They have learned enough for today -
It's time to stop
and speak softly to the earth.


The grasses display no ambition.
They grow everywhere along the Path
with a tangled sense of humor.
There is a deep truth hidden here
but I'm laughing too hard to care about it!


Walking in the Marsh

Balancing on one leg,
without a thought in her head,
the bird mocks philosophy.
I'm too stubborn to get the point.
I'll come back next week
when I'm ready.


Suddenly I don't know what to say.
Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut.
The barren branch knows so much more
than I ever will
in the Ten Thousand Years.

by Daniel Brick

Comments (59)

It did my heart good to see you being honored for one of your works. All of your writings deserve this honor.
Daniel, I know nothing about Taoist poetry, but these are very pleasing to read (and make me want to learn more) . Congrats on having them selected (again) as poems of the day!
Cool, Daniel! This one’s worth a repeat—correction—repeats plural. Yay! -GK
Wonderfully lyrical and evocative, not to mention the subject matter which beckons us deeper... well done...
Congratulations Daniel for poem of the day...
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