Loneliness! Long Distant Runner

Mainly old, oft somewhat ailing
Though even young and well
Sit souls lost, wanting and failing
To flee their lonesome hell

Moaning pitiful, lying, crying
Abandoned flesh and bone
Sick of living, fearing dying
Existing all alone

Anxiously, sick, desperate they groan
Neglected without hope
No fridge, TV, no telephone
Hardly able to cope

Painful suffering silent gloom
Though life outside goes on
In mansion, house, or single room
No comfort seems to dawn

By family by friends forsaken
No neighbour seems to care
Nothing it seems will awaken
Assistance anywhere

Is there a God, can help be found?
Can Jesus Christ be true?
Can misery’s chains become unbound?
Life and love to pursue!

Can hope exist by just a prayer?
Can such a thing be real?
Can souls be rid of such despair?
When to God’s Christ we kneel

Is this what love what grace has planned?
Will faith one’s sins transcend
Will God Himself hold fast the hand?
Of souls without a friend.....

by Michael P. Johnson

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