Fowl Politics

Sit in your light and sing to me little bird.
Sing of all the things in the world, right and wrong.
Chirp, Chirp, deceit in each sugar-coated word.
A ballad of battle a dangerous song.

I know your intent, you’re more hawk than sparrow.
Anything to win and to hell with the cost.
An elected man more mighty than Pharaoh.
It’s a democracy, but you’re the boss.

A little bird who can make so many die.
You expect me to believe what you say?
Even a child can tell that you lie.
Whatever you say, you lose every way.

A hawk and sparrow are both fowl, its true,
but so are the donkey and elephant too.

by Matthew Morgan

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Yes, and isn't it wonderful what is happening in the Middle East? It seems that democracy is spreading, how about that? Oh, but then by the nature of your poem, I suppose that doesn't please you.