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Fox Whisperer

Fox Whisperer


When evening turns to darkest night
And stars are in the sky
When the garden’s swathed in silver light
That’s when my fox comes by

You will not hear a sound he makes
His feet are velvet plush
When from my hand the food he takes
I feel the gentlest touch

When first he came - I saw the fear
In those soft questioning eyes
But slowly over time - a year
My friend’s become so wise

When he comes up to me so near
I think that he can tell
That he is loved and safe right here
And that I wish him well

I'm so grateful for this moonlit tryst
It's always a delight
It's something I would not have missed
This friendship in the night

copyright Victoria George

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Comments (3)

I love the poem, more poignant than humor but, boy, you do get it just right. Read mine – I Cannot Return – about live in the North Country. Adeline
fine ryhm/rythm indeed.......10
I love the poem. More than the meaning, i love the way we can read it because of the rhyme scheme.