Fr Jerry O' Mahony

Father Jerry O Mahony was quite a good man
And a good son to his parents Catherine and Dan
He died in England in distance far away
From Millstreet Town where he first saw light of day

In Millstreet Town in view of Clara in Seasons long gone
I did know his brothers Donie and Con
But since the mid eighties many changes in Millstreet since then
And the children of those times now middle aged women and men

In her comment on the passing of Fr O Mahony on the Millstreet Web Site Sheila Roche did recall
A compassionate and kind person quite generous and in him nothing small
One who gave generously and in return did not expect to receive
That his passing is humanity's loss one has to believe

Of years of life he did live quite a long span
And by all accounts he was a very good and holy man
To many he did prove himself a good friend
And sad to hear his life's journey has come to an end

Eventually with the Reaper of lives we all have a date
But it is good people like Fr O Mahony who make humanity great
Sheila Roche on her comment on him said it all
He was a great person in him nothing small.

by Francis Duggan

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