WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Fractured Thoughts

As the world turns and my heart burns
I find some kind of resolution to the madness.
I am as I was and so shall I remain being.
Does that make sense to you?

It is clear as a bell to me that rings truth with a defining sound.
Picture this, wanting but not having and having yet still not wanting.
Paradoxical sounding but to the enlightened mind brings clarity.
It is a state of mind and being that is transcendental in form and function.

Can something have form and no structure but still have function?
Does that structure has to conform to a state of our reality?
Well from time I rise to liquid skies floating amongst the clouds
Crystal River's flow to shimmer lights dancing on ripples in the water

The sent of cinnamon floating in the air as the baker solicit his wares
Ginger snaps abound with fresh made bread linger to lips salivating
Strawberry meadows rich for the reaping
Peaches line roads of chocolate sunshine elegantly embossed in field and streams

Elegant is our universe, as we inhabit a small corner we thrive and flourish
Peaceful from a distant with a heart that is blacker than the darkest part of any nightmare
Spinning aimlessly in the heavens we await all that is to come
We gaze to the sky in bewilderment asking ourselves "am I alone? "

Placid lakes kinetic solidifies as humans cause amphibians to grow extra limbs
Breeding a legacy of destruction on yet unformed future selves
Eroding glaciers swamps down on white sands once had
The bigger the questions the harder to define a correct answer to solve the problem

The answer to the question is we are only alone in our heads
That is the only place that you can really be alone
It is the place of clarity where your mind is free to be all things
Be one with the universe and be a thinker, a dreamer, and a lover of all things with life.

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This poem is mature and full of beautiful, vivid imagery.