Poem Hunter
(1967- / Homestead, Florida)


Poem By Kelly Vinal

What is, what was, the assembling
Of the fractured parts - aggrandized historic
Porcelain - significant now,
Had no meaning at the time.
There are no simple theses to explain away
The waves of relativity - the significance of whispers
That slip across frozen chasms of tense prepositions -
A watched pot, a stopped watch, a coincidence, perhaps -
Wringing substance from the nothingness
Of adoration vanquished - vacant as the eyes of evil
At the point of mercy.
What is, what was, the resumption
Of disengagement, the disenfranchised,
The disavowed, the coldness of stone,
The fortresses, the middle ages, penetrating
Still and now, full Technicolor, wow -
A Nielson prime time boon,
Was nothing then at all.

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Reference to Nielson-Bohr, or not? Great to come across reference to waves of relativity, a stopped watch, bringing modern science into poetry - the combination of poetic imagery, consumate mastery of lyrical flow with scientific phenomena enriches the range of expression immensely. Given your biography, I hope to come across more of these examples - science is a form of poetry to me. First time I came across a scientist writing beautiful verse and can't wait to see where it can lead to. Congratulations and thank you.