I never thought I was so
I never know how it could be.
I always thought I was so strong.
Until I got broken down,
I was never fragile.
At least I thought I wasn’t.
Weakness was wrong, looked down upon,
Always walking around like a lost puppy.
Never cry, never shout, never get angry.
Emotion was not allowed.
Until it hit a breaking point,
A stop to what was wasn’t supposed to be happening.
I embrace the word.
Being fragile can be good.
I love having feelings,
Not being numb.
My Fragileness is now my strength.

by Tina Hills

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Very nicely written.Loved it.
Amazingly written based on plausible idea, our real power is not to be overwhelmed with our infirmities, and stand like a hero, in the midst of difficulties and drudgeries.
Wow a lovely subtle poem and I find the word fragile very poetic. U write in a very appealing way. Thumbs up. Pls do review my latest poem too.