Fragile Heart

What would it take
to heal a FRAGILE HEART?
When it gets broken
it causes a lot of pain.
If someone you really love
breaks this FRAGILE HEART.

It could be really painful
and devastating.
When you put in effort
to love someone.
It could get worse
and then you ask yourself,
'Why did i go into this? '

Your hearts and thought then
become filled with regrets
and sorrows
'Oh had i known! '

If you have a FRAGILE HEART
you have to know
how to handle it
so that those out there
don't destroy and bring a
terrible sore to it.

God gave to you.
I keep wondering
why there exists these ADAMS
That come to destroy it.
Terrible and no conscience people.
I pray i don't fall victim.

God will always be there for me.
To show me the right things,
Lead me the right way,
And make me not feel hurt.
The pains won't last long
when you have God with you.

by chiamaka janevive arukwe

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