I Thank You!

I thank You for the love of my family
And I thank You for the love of my life.
I thank You for all of the blessings
You give to each husband and wife.

Your glory rides high on the sunsets
Your voice is the thunder of rain.
I thank You for all of the heavens
And Jesus who came to be slain.

I feel when Your eyes are upon me
As You listen to my humble cry.
You've redeemed the soul of Your servant
To dwell in Your mansion on high.

The first one to love me was You; Lord
And nothing can take that away.
My soul is refreshed by living water
While my heart flows with love each day.

I thank You for parting the darkness
And guiding my footsteps night and day.
I thank You for being my Shepherd
You've walked with me all the way.

Whether I live my days in complete submission
To family, friends, ministry, love or blame.
God has equipped to me to succeed by deeds
Of faith, hope, love, trust, awareness and pain.

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