(dreams) Bonding As Lovers Do

Having you here wrapped up snugly in my arms,
chases away the cold on this frigid deathly winter day.
Our bodies clutched tight within each others arms,
cheek to cheek we sit gazing,
mesmerized into the fire.
Holding a conversation of love
and powerful contentment,
grateful fulfillment for our union
without one word spoken.

I'm totally fulfilled with you here.
You're all I want and need,
you've filled all the holes that lingered,
unhealing in my heart and soul.
You've saved my life with a freshness
of breath and zest you've renewed my life.

I'm now gazing into those bright eyes
of a magnificently beautiful soul
I know I've known since long before earth.
A radiant smile that shares the feeling,
and need to give and receive
the purest of love and bonding.
When she looks in my eyes I wonder what she sees.
It can't even be half as bright,
because every time I look at her
I know within my mind and heart
that I'm gazing upon an Angel
of true mercy and purity of light.
There is never any doubt
for the abundance of love she holds for me.

Without a single word ever passed
we've told each other all the things
a couple with a strong spiritual bond can attest.
We know the purity of our love and hearts,
we're now ascending the stairs to bond as one
like only two soul mates can find and share,
a special love and combining of our souls.
A true undeniable passion that pulls and tugs
you away from the physical bonds,
to meld you into stronger purer loving beings
becoming as one.

We've now climbed into bed,
the most overwhelming feeling of want and giving
fill me up to give my all
and share the most special things
my Angel can only ever evoke and understand from me.

I wrap my arms around my only one,
looking into those divine and precious eyes
full of pure acceptance,
and I know she looks at me with a sense of pride.
I now lean for a kiss softly whispering
I'll always love you,
I'm never leaving forever mine and forever thine.

Just inches now from touching lips,
and I wake up to the most horrid heartbreaking reality
that I was only dreaming.
Once again in some fashion,
torn apart and destroyed from losing her once more.

When will I ever see my Angel and true love?
Or am I just doomed to miss her
soul and love forevermore?

by Michael P. McParland

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Atman and Parmatman (soul and the Creator) discussed in a nutshell.
Profoundly written...Thanks.
The body has been the twill of imagination, covered by infinite canopy. It's an external manifestation of the inward.
The body given a fine definition as the eternal shadow and the image of itself. Great!
juzt a beautyyy........cool
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