Reasons For Freedom

So far the velvet,
Is still ablazed...
The vein beneath,
The nail, crimsoned.

Mouse's engager,
In jungle rampage,
Is closely behind,
His bonny ankles.

There is a need,
Yes for freedom.

Touching the sky,
Is for no more
The caged birds...
Cruising the route,
For the golden grass...
Is of a lower grace.

There is a reason,
Yes for freedom.

The essence of moon,
Is of no any use...
If murky chains,
Couldn't be frayed.

There is a reason,
Yes for freedom.

8: 36 A.M
22ND JUNE 14.

by Poet Akinwemimo Idris

Comments (10)

Atman and Parmatman (soul and the Creator) discussed in a nutshell.
Profoundly written...Thanks.
The body has been the twill of imagination, covered by infinite canopy. It's an external manifestation of the inward.
The body given a fine definition as the eternal shadow and the image of itself. Great!
juzt a
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