JVO (february 14,1973 / manila)


in the solace of my room
recalling a time
when i was free as a bird,
strong as a mountain
yet something in me is restless
scared, confused, lost
in a dark place
then you came...

confident when i'm with you
there's never a time like this
for you were the one i loved
that my life seems worthwhile
spending my time with you
but suddenly...

i have to face something
that would change our lives
i chose the one
that would hurt us all
and in a flash of light
everything went wrong
me, a wounded man
because of the barrier
we fell apart

never to hold one another
darkness envelops me
pain i endure is everlasting
a man trapped in a boys mind
the shadow that never leave me alone
the pain that cost my hurt
those days...

seems like eternity
still, tomorrow's waiting
and i must go on
making up for lost time
someday i will go through
because destiny's on my side
with the shadow of the past
behind me...

by joseph vincent orlanda

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Compelling and captivating. Well written my friend! 10/10
...Good write...10..........