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Frailty Of The Heart
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Frailty Of The Heart

Frailty of the heart
For truth so deguised
It wont allow him to see
It blinds him in his eyes

He follows his heart
And follows not his mind
He doesn't see what others they see
Or what will come in time

He holds her close
As soon he falls in love
He doesn't understand
Til his heart has had enough

Frailty of the heart
He will never see
The heartbreaks still yet to come
The hurt and misery

One day he will hold her
But she will never care
He hears her heart beating
But inside there is nothing there

One day the tears will fall
One day the heartaches start
There's nothing anyone can do
It's frailty of the heart

He follows his heart and not his mind
Does not see what others they see
He only know just how he feels
And for love wants to believe

Frailty of the heart
The reason tears they start
The truth desguised it hides the lies
As his world falls apart.

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