Francisca walks in the shadow of night,
But it is not to gaze on the heavenly light -
But if she sits in her garden bower,
'Tis not for the sake of its blowing flower.
She listens - but not for the nightingale -
Though her ear expects as soft a tale.
There winds a step through the foliage thick,
And her cheek grows pale, and her heart beats quick.
There whispers a voice thro' the rustling leaves;
A moment more and they shall meet -
'Tis past - her lover's at her feet.

by George Gordon Byron

Comments (6)

Your mind is rich and your poetic vibe is deep..keep it up!
Stunning in beauty and eloquence. Francisca being preoccupied and not paying attention to night's loveliness was expressed from the beginning but what occupied her was revealed in the most dramatic way at the end of the poem. Ecstasy of night and of her heartbeat came together in a most romantic, beautiful and poetic gesture.
Sometimes, you may sit amidst nature's splendour, yet, you have no eyes or ears for it. You are most preoccupied with your thoughts. Specially if it is your lover that you are waiting for. Most beautifully expressed through this poem Francisca by Byron.
In the shadow of night! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
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