Prophet Eli

They give what they don't have:
Leaving their children to
the lion's paw to devour them,
while addressing the ills
of others' children.

1) Wroughting diverse miracles are they.

2) Skilled in elating words,
even bailing heart out from
turmoil's prison.

'Nemo dat qoud non habet':

Giving out what
they haven't used.

3) Bought a new bag
for your old bag is worn.
But you gave it out
to your neighbour
who has seven better ones.
While you pack your
stuffs in a polythene? .

Giving your cakes to dogs!

4) Taking care of another man wound,
While yours can't help oozing:
Even swarms of flies taking picnic theirin.

"Even if you have what you can't use. Life will not reveal it."

Dispose the heaps in your eyes,
That you may see clearly to blow off the
substance in other's eyes!

Heal your wound first...

And many will patronise!

17: 2: 12: 20: 19

by Adeyemi Joshua

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Delightful, uplifting and inspiring tribute.
Charles Baudelaire wrote ONE single poem in Latin, to prove that in the XXth century, he, the Father of Symbolism, can create a Latin poem as well, if not better, as Catullus, Ovid, Virgil, Cicero, Horace. The most wonderful ode to Francesca da Rimini. This poem remained somehow in shadow: the readers know that Baudelaire created in French, but very few know that a Latin poem became the greatest Ode of the XXth century in respect of its prosody nad musicality given by its rhyme, especially the effect provoked by the final three endings: usca, esca, isca. The English versions do not capture the very essence of the Latin beauty of this poem (although the translations are good, but like every translation, they loose the greatness of the classic Latin scented rhyme) .