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Frank Cormack And The Forty Sticks Of Dynamite
BT (December 17,1964 / Canada)

Frank Cormack And The Forty Sticks Of Dynamite

Poem By Bud Taylor

Frank Cormack was a demolitions man
working coal seam number eight
in the boom town of Cumberland
on Vancouver Island in 1933

A gust of wind blew a curtain over a candle
started the King George Hotel on fire
The fire jumped acoss the street and headed for the bank
The employees stuffed the vault and escaped out the back

Frank he tied off forty sticks of dynamite
set the fuse and tossed it in
the bank blew sky high and suffocated that roaring blaze

He said later, 'If i would have done this 3 hours ago
I would have got 20 years.'

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Comments (4)

That humour is all historic Frank Cormack!
Loved this poem, very intense, gripping my attention totally! Loved your bit of humor at the end, great touch! Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Oops, I meant to say POET'S NOTE, not POET'S NOT. I was going to delete the comment and resubmitted a corrected version, but since you have already answered it I will leave it there. Thanks. I will read Lady of the Longboard.
Bud, I loved this poem. You tell it like it's a true story, which I suspect it is. Please add a poet's not to tell us if it really is true. Thanks.