Frank's Song

Like a bolt of lightning out of the night
and you're down and out, head over heels
like someone in one of Sinatra's songs
riding high in April shot down in June

You never know baby when that wheel
of fortune turns and you're out of chips
and the song turns sour and the notes flat
and you're on your uppers in the game

that's life that's all there is but you stay
in the game play with the hand you're dealt
until the curtain comes down
and the ump calls you out!

by Michael Pruchnicki

Comments (4)

I've learned with many hard knocks upon life's doors of cruel fabric that sewn within ourselves are threads of where we confront misfortune Where fools seek happiness with worthless chips and un requited prayers Crooners are emulators being immature metaphoric, poetic philosophers There's more to Life Play than a final curtain or the call of an 'Ump' who's cursed as blind Losers are winners for themselves, the while competing goal seekers are interred and have written their own epitaph with ignorance and self centering destruction. I chose this four hundredth poem of yours to collaborate upon your invitation for comment When Will We Ever Know that 'Love, Empathy and Compassion' will help thwart ill fate and Life Distressing Wars? ...Louie Levy
a bit lame, but i gave it a 7. the analogies didn't seem to flow, they seemed to just be set there, but it was good otherwise.
Hello Mike. Avery good read. We gotta keep on pluggin as long as we have a choice, don't we. Thanks, best regards Richard