LK (12/21/1979 / Georgia)


Hush! Hush! I tell my thoughts
b-beating like a drum
Calm, please I cannot think!
I wish they'd leave me alone.

Don't come here taunting with
reckless fantasies.
I can- cannot let you have this
tired puppet's strings.

Fight, fight, I don't know why
I struggle with this still
Cannot help fingers reaching out,
I need, need my fill.

Pull my hands, back away,
a mind, they have their own.
Not, not yours to touch
I stand like granite stone.

Sigh, sigh quietly
not let frustration show.
Try to forget the dream repeating
on my mind's movie reel.

Wait, wait, patiently
for time to ease the strain
Then find that on the soul of me
is left love's wicked stain.

I can, can't convince myself
to give, give-up this hope
that something invitingly tugs for me
and is not tying the noose in my rope.

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