SA ( / Mcdill Airforce Base)


Look at the girl,
The people snicker,
As she walks down the halls,
Her body hidden by a black cape,
A hood pulled over her head to hide her face,
She is a freak,
Come the whispers from around her,
Too different to be one of us,
Eyeliner runs down her face in streaks,
Though she does not attempt to wipe it away,
Her sobs are silent,
But if the light hits just right,
You can see the silvery tears fall from her eyes,
Alone and forgotten,
Everyday she is seen with no one beside her,
No friends to call her own,
If one were to see her without the cape and black shirts,
They would see scars and cuts covering her slender body,
Never do they see her as a human,
She is only 14 but she is still an outcast,
Not even the Goths will befriend her,
The closest thing to a friend she has,
Is a small wolf,
Named Hawk….

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