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Freak The Mighty!

My class was watching a movie about freaks the mighty. I am going to tell you what if Kevin had not died. Here it goes know I will tell you how Gwen and Max feel about Kevin when he is not died here I started.
Gwen is Kevin mother and here is how she would be if Kevin was alive. Now Gwen would have stay around and started to go back to collage that coasted about $100,000 just for 2 years of school. She would of pay that with a financial aid that she dose not have to pay back that is from the government. She would also join a group of single women that would help her out with life. Gwen would have found a job as a lawyer and help her son out with some treatment that coast about $100,000,000 so he could be so much better and start a life with some one else. Finally she would meets a great guy that is one of her colleagues named Jared and soon will be married to him. So know Kevin would have a father in his life. Gwen would get out of the group of single women and join the married group. Kevin gets happy!
Know I am going to tell you about Max and how his life would change when Kevin is still there. Max would still right the book about Freak the mighty and Kevin would try to help him out. Max started to get a girlfriend and her name is Davia and they meet in a book store. They started to hang out with her and Kevin is sometime alone Kevin had join a group of scientist and is working on a projects. Max and his girlfriend would be getting married they would live in Colorado and Kevin would be best man at Max’s wedding. Max and his wife would move out of gram house and he would have to go to collage for 4 years at Colorado state university for about $1,000,000. Max would become a doctor that helps out people children with no friends and help them with Morquro Syndrome. Finally they got a house of their own it is the colors are black and red in the outside and the inside one is black and orange. They also started a family together it is a baby girl and her name is Desi she was 9lbs 10oz. They still see Kevin everyday when he is over at their house.
Now I will be talking about how Kevin feels when alive not died. He would have gotten a new body that the scientist was making him. When he got the new body he would have mouth full of pain and a lot of head aches. The whole time he had found a girl that he had really like he had found her at a laboratory for the government her name was Kaci. Kevin would also would of help out Max with his book. Kevin would go to collage that would coast about $1,000,000 for 4 years at the Colorado state university. Kevin and Kaci would be getting married and Max would be best man at his wedding. They had found a house to move into and they are having a baby boy named Kady that weights 10lbs 9 oz. Their house is black on the outside with yellow trimming it is very beautiful. After he gets out of collage he gets a job as a doctor and starts to save people life’s that have this Morquro Syndrome.
That is my ending for this story hope you liked it. I learned that it don’t matter what type of person that you are. You will always understand yourself and your friends. In the movie Kevin dies but the ending in my story he lives and grows up and gets married and has a happy family with his wife and kids and his mother is happy for him to starts over.

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