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Freaks In Cages

How come people judge us how come people do not understand us they think we are freaks that are in cages and they can poke fun at by tapping the glass they laugh as we cry from there harsh words that they get a joy out of saying they tap the glass of the cage as we are in cages for their viewing pleasure they point and laugh and hide snickers behind their hands they are well I don’t have a disease and I don’t care for the person that does I might catch the disease what a freak and they walk on not caring for us who are in cages as though we are freaks in a cage we are not freaks in a cage we have feelings thoughts and ideas we can be hurt by those such harsh words they hurt us deep down we think there is something wrong with us and why did this happen to us we are human who live and breathe we can do anything those who say such harsh words about us can do why must you judge us don’t you know we have feelings too we cry when we hear these words of hurt and laughter at our disabilities calling us freaks and that we should be locked up in a cage somewhere for people to point at and make fun of we all are human we all can have ideas we can do anything we set our minds too we all share one thing we have disabilities but yet we can do anything that people say we never can or ever will we have proven these people wrong and will continue to

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