Poem Hunter
Freaky Leaks
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Freaky Leaks

The dripping that leaks,
Everyday gets more freaky.
Raising the hair on monkeys.
Known to not see, hear or speak evil.
Even writers of movie scripts,
Have become fascinated by the reality exposed...
They could not think of if wished.
Or confess to any priest to be believed.
This stuff gets more shocking,
Than a proctologist's expected cold hands.
Inspecting for polyps.
Dancing around in a place they should not be.
And on primetime TV,
Are the most disgusting acts.
Supported by facts that squeezes,
Disbelief and the remnants of innocence...
Left for even those pretentious to keep.
Freaked right out their minds.
By what is leaking from places,
Right in their faces.
And has been diagnosed to represent,
The true value and standards chosen.
The best of their leaders have found,
To diet on...
While pretending their hidden filth,
Decaying humanity.
Ultimately will improve life to live,
For everyone with patience awaiting...
A great outcome to be done to witness it.

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