Frederick And Geraldine (Part 11)

Khadjibey was controlled by the Ottoman Empire
As a part of Yedisan in the Silistra Province.
To build a fortress named New World was the Turks’ desire.
Carla said, '' This meeting has been chosen by The Providence.''

Carla concluded that Geraldine was an American,
But Geraldine did not understand the confusion.
She learned Spanish from the Jews, who were Spain citizens
Coming to the Empire to avoid the conversion.

''My father lost a lot because of the plague and the disaster, ''
Said Miguel, ''a half of my wealth has been gone in the warfare.
We thought to immigrate to a new world which was moving faster
Than this one in which we were living as those lost in the nightmare.''

Cruz asked him, ''Why didn't you try your chance for a new life? ''
''I wasn't strong enough, and my son died in this war made
For the Spanish succession after the King Charles’ death; my wife
Still grieves for her unique child; our life cannot be repaid.''

'' In Gibraltar, the property that had been taken
By force became a British one; we moved to Barcelona.
The power balance mirrored those widows standing forsaken.
Let's cheer this Grand Alliance! It’s as the sun's light corona.''

'' The Anglo and the Dutch kings used the navy to open
The Strait of Gibraltar needing the naval power
In the Mediterranean zone.'' '' Guess what was broken? ''
Asked Bella, ''I think it's about our transatlantic economy shower.''

''By the Treaty of Constantinople, our Russian
Forces had been withdrawn and Zaporozhia lost all
The army protection, '' said Ivan, ''then, our discussion
Was to sell our goods and to leave a life that apart could fall.''

''In the Holy League, Russia joined Austria and Venice
To drive the Turks and to sign a treaty with Poland, ''said Cruz.
''Those horses have never met the steppe, '' said Ivan, '' became a menace,
''Leopold The First was helped by the Turks that Partition could refuse.''

(Geraldine and Erica were talking on the deck.)

''His father had been a soldier that came home after many
Years of serving the czar; he found that his wife had died and
Ivan had lived with an aunt that spent money but didn’t have any.''
For a few minutes, Geraldine was speechless and stunned.

''Erica, why did his mother die? '' ''She was the wife of a serf.
She was a subjugated slave laboring for a lord.''
''Was she beaten? '' asked Geraldine while dampening her scarf.
''She had been raped before she took her own life with his sword.''

''Who's sword? '' ''The lord's sword! He was drunk when he beat and raped her.''
''It was a matter whether she overcame the pressure
Of the peasant village where this mother lived not to err.
She died, but I'm sure she loved Ivan without measure.''

His father took Ivan home and worked a part of that lord's land
As a serf, barely leaving time to cultivate
The land allotted to him while taking care of his child.
Ivan didn't go to army but asked me to immigrate.''

(Erica, Ivan’s wife, ended the conversation while starting to cry.)

(to be continued...)

Poem by Marieta Maglas

by Marieta Maglas

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