Alpha Pair

Two wolves waited, no plans as yet, just watching time go by...
No enemies, no food to get, no need to fret or sigh...
The best of days that's ever been... thus they felt inspired.
The day seemed tranquil, calm, serene... all their hearts desired.
It was as if the alpha pair were blessed beyond belief.
As if true love was in the air, the air they two could breathe...
There were no fears in either face, no doubts in either mind.
Affection somehow took their place, all troubles left behind.
Two wolves fated, that they would meet, unite and learn to love.
To lead the pack as they compete to prove themselves enough.
For them, this world was all they had, they hunted to survive.
It's true, some thought of them as bad, yet they must stay alive.
It's Nature's way, the strong endure, outlasting all the weak...
It's live or die, by tooth and claw, eternal hide and seek.
The hunting game goes on and on, relentlessly, my friend...
It stays the same, it's never gone, each lives until life's end...
No wonder, then, that days like this are cherished one-by-one.
A perfect sky, a savoured bliss, both soothed beneath the sun.
It's not the time to intervene or taunt the alpha pair...
Leave well alone and don't be mean... or else you must beware!

copyright, Denis Martindale.

The poem is based on the magnificent painting
by Stephen Gayford called 'Alpha Pair'.

by Denis Martindale

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A beautiful poem. Ten stanzas from Paul Laurence Dunbar on Frederick Douglass. A perfect ode.
'She stretches out her bleeding hands to God.' Very special line, Then I ask every one who 'Stretched Hands' Did any God hear? Scavengers continue to kill! They're born to cause pain for others Till they sigh feeling worse than that fear.