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Free 05

My world turns in unexpected happiness.
In tones that I have never heard, yet words that I have always known.
In the sweet whispers of night that now ensnare me to your eyes.
The prayer of a child and wish of a woman combine.
In a world filled with darkness and demise
You ignite a flame, into new born life.
Sorrows mended indiscretions forgotton upon my mending heart.
Daring to believe a fantasy is not all that you are.
I reach with my hand and penitrate with my eyes,
to hold the piece of heave placed by my side.
I fear that dawns evil breath will revive me, and
I shall find mine angel once again a lovely dream.
I settle my thoughts still, to hold and relish every aspect of your beauty.
Alas my skin hums, as you do not melt before me, but
pull closer and pour into me, real as fire, intoxicating as a dream.
A tear forms in disbelief, that the love I have forever sought
does not wither in vain, but grows inside of me.
With but one word my love, I shall take the magic of this new found world to weave every desire, every dream.
Fill the hallow place with the priceless gold you have used to drown me.
With but one word my love, I shall give every thing to bring
a smile and light to the frown and tears branded on thee.
I would kiss and carress every scar until the pain seemed lost in oblivion.
With but one word my love
I shall give my hands and heart to create a world worthy of the power
you have used to comfort me.
Just one word and I shall spear your demons with the love
you have so gracefully bestowed upon me
and share the wings you have so tenderly mended
so we both might finally be free.

Dedication Gummy Bear 05

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