Poem By Shay Scott

I hate the way you treat me,
But I'm just too scared to admit,
Sometimes I feel like I could be the one with the free hit.
But that's okay,
Because come someday,
I'll be successful and cherish my day.
But you'll be miserbale and hate YOUR day,

Sometime you'll see that you will be,
Hated and discriminated.
But I'm the one, who has the fun,
And you'll be alone all day.

You're hate is my insperation,
And when I laugh you crave my greif,
You don't want me to be happy,
But that's okay with me.

Someday you'll be out of my life,
And I'll finally get away from your approval,
I'll be able to finally be me,
I'll finally be-

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I hope you like my poem. I just jotted down what I was feeling at the moment. Give me some feedback and tell me how to improve! Thanks [3 ~ Shay Lovesonedirection[3

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