I tried to figure out what was free
Being born, but then I pay with my life
Listening to music?
No, I just pay with my time
Maybe the lunch my friend bought me
No, I know she going to expect something
How about the buy one get one “free”
No, I have to pay for the first one so it’s more like half price
Thought they could cheat me
Well, I don’t believe so easy
Everything I ever buy
They tax
Everything I want
They aren’t needs
To get that beauty
I pay with pain
To get that laughter
I pay with thoughts
To be happy
I pay with love
To be sad
I pay with tears
To be angry
I pay with fear
To be me
I pay with my mind
To live free
We pay with our lives
I guess freedom is something we lack
Cause nothing in this word is free…
But, some argue with “the air we breathe”
Well, that’s fine I'm not going to argue back
Cause I know the one thing that’s never free is time…
And I wont let you waste mine

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