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PH (6/5/89 / czech republic)


Poem By Papillion Hejduk

Fight for your right to live free,
Don’t fight to kill your fellow man,
To just take his land for your greed and your religious beliefs

We shouldn't force our ways onto others,
We should just let people live the way they want to live,
To be free of there governments rule,

And I do not speak of anarchy,
I speak of freedom......to live and believe what you want,

To let go of the old government and in with a new government,
A government that provides and cares about the people and not there money,
Not a government that fights to fill his bank with the blood of men,

That blood rich oil has no value like that of the innocent man,
That our people....our neighbor...our brothers and sister,
Can live free and not have to live in a world of fear and hate,

A world that has to be in first place all the time,
Were the president is just some dumb ass that is just there to be a microphone for others,
Others that are really in control that have the power to kill and want to kill,

Were u have to wonder every time u get on a plane....am I going to die,
That is a happy place,
It should be a world that can just live together and wants to be free,

So fight....
Fight for your right to be free

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