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CR (May 19,1992 / Kodiak alaska)


A confused mind and a shattered heart, why wont this pain just stop? tearful words are spoken in the dark all alone. a lonely
girl who just wants to go home. She told no one of all the things that make her hurt, and she never spoke unless asked. quiet and refined to her own world where she doesn't cryand where she still knows hat she's alive. this can't keep happening, she cant take much more so she'll just lock these feelings behind a secure door. No more crying, no more pain, she'll take that gun and it wont ever happen again. She pulls the trigger but nothing happened, why isn't she dead, there should be a bullett hole in her head. What kind of curse is it that and continues to make her suffer? why wont anyone leave her alone so she can rescue herself and finally be free? Why can't she just move on and forget everything that made her this way? Why does the pain and suffering have to stay? Can no one se that she's not happy with the way her life has turned out to be? Can no one set her free?
They locked her away, calling her crazy and saying she was insane. She's lost, totally overwhelmed with hate. Why is it when someone asks what made her the way she is she can't seem to answer? she wants to tell someone so much that its tearing her apart but the words seem to be stuck. she just wants to scream, to let it all out, she wants to shout. she can remember how it used to be before her parents deaths. Her life was full of warmth and a joyfull bliss that she never thought could end. it was finally friday and her first week of middle school was finally over. skipping joyfully home from school with a huge smile on her face and a happy song playing over and over in her head. she opens the front door expecting a ' welcome home sweety' or a 'how was your day? ' instead she walked into complete silence. the house was so dark and cold, not like the usual place she had always called home. she went to take another step but her foot met something wet. There right by her feet lay the bodies of her parents. Now she knew for sure she was all alone and teriffied. She only wanted to be free.

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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