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hold me close
kiss me passionately
whisper words of love so sweet
let your body become one with me
can you guess?
things I long to say to you but can't
all locked up deep inside
within myself my thoughts do hide
let them out
somehow I must
what holds me back
is lack of trust
but is it you who holds the key
or is it in my power to set myself free?

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It is within our own power to set ourselves free of bonds that we cling to, but have been loosened. But sometimes we need a little help along the way, and from someone we love. But do we trust them is another matter. The thing we need to do, is sit down in front of our mirror when we are brushing our hair, or putting our makeup on, and really take a very close look at ourselves. We must weight the pros and cons of why we should trust him, and the reasons why we don't at the moment. If the pros of why we trust him are more than the cons, then yes, he does hold the key to open the locked door of our hearts. But you both have to give an inch though. He has to use the key, and you have to let him. This is a wonderful poem of self introspection. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt piece from your locked heart. Love & hugs, Barbara