WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Free Again

You never liked this hat
I always knew about that

You didn't like my music either
So we always listened to the likes of Seether

Now I'm free again to wear this cowboy hat
And listen to country music without any combat

A rednecks what they called me
And maybe that's all you'll ever see

But this broncing bucks more than that
Even thought thats all you see when you look at my hat

I'm a man thats gone too far to save
Wrote an ending to put on my grave

Six feet down wont be able to hold me
I can't fly away and I'll never be free

Shackles hold my feet, while I dig my own grave
All because of these choices I have made

Free to wear this hat again
This grave I'll wear it within

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