Free! And Eons Away

What would leave,
'Anyone' suspecting.
Or left to suggest,
Their opinions shared with others...
To perceive,
Someone discussed...
Who has survived being hospitalized,
At least three of four times...
Healing from life threatening diseases.
Done to do to remain the same.
With a mind not to change.

Or expect someone who has been quarantined,
Six weeks treated like an ostracized leper.
To never forget obscene comments,
Meant to direct personally.
Would be left unaffected by the experience of it.
With it realized others living their lives,
Of effective selfishness continue to assume...
Some cherries picked have pits.
And some grapes chewed are seedless.

There are many people choosing to live like this.
To live with an awareness one has not chosen,
A reality known becomes completely stripped...
Free! And eons away,
From a pettiness that stays in minds to recycle.
In a deceptive reception of an accepted reality.
Deluded at best to keep this mindset kept.

That one who arrives to a higher consciousness,
Leaves behind to ignore...
Those remaining the same to explore the mundane.

Aeon or eon.
A very large division of geologic time,
Equal to one billion years.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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