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Free As A Dove
AR (3/18/1979 / San Jose', California)

Free As A Dove

Poem By Angelique' Rockwell

What can I say?
My life is absurd
I get a little bit jealous
When I see a flying bird

So carefree in flight
Living only to eat, fly & sing
No knowledge of fear
Except a hurt wing

I wish to be as carefree as that
Rising early to catch the worm
Flying South for the Winter
Although the heat makes me squirm

Everday a vacation of sorts
No responsibilities or cares
No one to disappoint
And definitley no disapproving stares

Then reality hits
Humans are not perfect
Everyone makes mistakes
You learn to understrand and reflect

Be the best that you can be
And take care of the ones you love
Then maybe when we pass on
We can be as free as a dove


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