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Free At Last

Free At Last

I guess your absence
made my heart forget
about my love for you
that for a long time i've felt
when u were gone
i wished you'll come back again
didnt know that when it happens
the feeling wont remain

i waited long enough for you
to feel exactly what i felt
but even now its useless,
for you im still a friend
and though i no longer have
the same kind of love for you
i wanna let you know
that as a friend, ill always be true

im happy that finally you're here
and i know that ur smiling
even if im not the reason
its something worth remembering
The hurt i felt before
i cant remember now
Its crazy but its true
it happened but i dont know how

i can shout to the world
that ive moved on
the battle is over
and proud that ive won
i never lose a friendship
and a very good friend
its a wonderful blessing
right here on the palm of my hand

now i can look back
and just savor the memory
of a love that i once longed for
that's not meant for me
i could only laugh about
the tears that ive wasted
but its really letting go
that ive always wanted

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