Free Butterfly

Clouds moving slowly and glowing red,
As the Sun sets down on the glistening sea.
Watching as the star come out to play,
They light up the sky for me.
Birds fly off to their nests in the trees,
As the darkness of night crawls in.
I walk along the sand alone with my thoughts,
As the wind gently feels my skin.
The Moon is shining bright and full,
Sounds of the wolves and the occasional owl.
They sing their songs of the beautiful night,
Breathing deeply after every howl.
I lay on the beach so peacefully still,
As the ocean laps the shore.
The days worries wash out of my mind,
As my thoughts I choose to ignore.
The Moon decides to hide away,
As the Sun creeps back into the sky.
The stars end their games and say goodbye,
The darkness now will die.
I breathe in deeply still laying on the sand,
As a butterfly flies by so graceful and free.
I smile to myself as only one thought enters my head,
Today, that butterfly is me.

by EMMA Funnell

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A nice poem that portrays one’s inner feeling elegantly. Our stars are in our mind –dark and light-that we sometimes touch on their smiling faces up in the sky, maybe they’re so high but not as high as the emotions that she creates on a seashore bay, lying on the sundered beach, boiling for freedom in the body cage. To be free like a butterfly she wants to release her handcuffed birds into the piercing sky.