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Free & Clear
RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

Free & Clear

Poem By Rachel Fogle

Out upon the Ocean air,
A breeze so cool yet warm.
It's seems as though the world around us doesn't exist anymore.
I see the seagulls fly through the air so free & yet so alluring.
I see the waters so cool and calm it's hard to believe they have such fury.
I see things so beautiful, I see things so wild and free,
But yet in this world around us there lies so much misery and deseat.
But as though there can be a different place, a world that no one knows were the ocean air is free and clear the seagulls are natures only worry.
I can't explain as to why these are or the way they have come to be.
Only that in this world around us, we ourselves are natures worst enemy.

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