Scatterbrained dreams,

flickering scenes,

none of it makes any sense

but the film just continues to roll

From the moment I closed my eyes

I've been falling through the subconscious

like falling through a dark chute

somewhere in the aphotic zone of my mind

it's never-ending, there is no floor here

to land on, and no hand or footholds

that could pull you back into the light

Only the flickering scenes

each one beyond your own control

the only way out is to realize that you're dreaming

Wake up...

Wake up...

The warmth of daylight surrounds you as you come to,

and all memories of the coruscating scenes

are quickly erased

by Nika McGuin

Comments (2)

I remembered something about my dreams long ago. I used to have what seemed to be sudden dreams of falling - just like you I was aware of no hand holds which just increased my panic, I used to wave my hands around as if they were wings and that desperate gesture would wake me up. I wonder why we have dreams of falling? In my case, why did they stop when I got older? Reading your poem was like a guided tour through what used to be a terrifying experience.I looked up the word APHOTIC but it wasn't in my dictionary? A technical word?
You rescued yourself with your wake up call! At first I thought the way to cope with these dreams was to surrender to them and go with the flow. But it's not a flow, it's a flood. And theere's the danger of being psychologically overwhelmed. These are not the benign dreams I assumed. There is something out of control in them, as if they will make you crash into things. So your WAKE UP call rescued your readers too.