(September 11,1987 / Long Beach, California)

Free Falling

Hope was hanging on a string.
All my love just dangling.
My last wish for us to be-
What would make us both happy.
Lightening brushed the darkest sky.
I held you close for one last cry.
Though side by side we both lay-
You felt a million miles away.
And all at once I didn’t care.
Though you were here your heart’s not there.
Tired of hurt. Ready for new.
With one last breath I got over you.
The string broke. I’m sorry. We gave it our best.
My love was not strong enough by itself to be put to the test.
My heart was free falling.
Your arms were withdrawing.
Do you hear that Oso? It’s my Destiny calling.
It screams that though I was with you, you weren’t with me.
And I’ll make someone else someday very happy!

by Tabitha Castillo

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