Free From Oath

Surrounding, which was not clear reminded ever
Nevertheless, I sighted her somewhere at one door
It was not an idea but something that is becoming together
It had reminded again but I don't think she had it ever

Neither she nor I were not in real situation
It had felt over the day and night but I don't think she had it, as my known
It was not a turning point or flees from the thought of her creation
It was dream or a violation but still, I am thinkingin my own

Moving in between public in the crowded city
she walked every street but it was not same as shown previously
But I know she has never ever walked down the street lonely
Hating that is for sweated clothes and mess up life accordingly

But I pleasured I free from the oath of love
But every second I felt her hot lips and soft toughing of her fingers
But I don't think she had it with her prudent thoughts
But I spell her name as well as writing her name in the spaces

by inguruwattadewage pushpadewa

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