Free Gifts Of Spring

Spring promises forsythia
To grow hearty along the road,
A sufficient amount of rain and sunshine
For the sturdy lilac bushes to unfold.

Spring promises a panoramic view
Strewn with a carpet of emerald green,
And a variety of variegated yellow tulips,
The likes I have never seen.

Spring promises soothing breezes,
And a cloudless blue sky overhead,
Trees laden with pink and white blossoms,
And beds of flowers emerging to be scarlet red.

Spring promises an elaborate setting
In all her majesty and fuss.
We should never be disappointed
For these are nature's free gifts to us.

by Joseph T. Renaldi

Comments (2)

I love springtime, everything starts growing again and all the colors start to come out.
A wonderful promise and a well written piece! Patricia gale